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   [ Solaris Logo ] If you're a user of Solaris/x86 Operating System - welcome to my Solaris pages. If you're not - welcome anyway!

Despite that from the professional point of view my primary UNIX variant (the one I deal mostly with at work) has always been and still is SCO OpenServer, I find Solaris a wonderful system, equally suitable for a server and professional's desktop: powerful, flexible, nicely architectured, stable, efficient, "standard" - in short words, the one that is just a pleasure to work with as an end user and maintain/support as a sysadmin.

For the reason said, I personally use Solaris/x86 everywhere I'm given a choice of OS to run: on my desktop at work, on our common desktop at home, and, of course, on my laptop which I now use almost exclusively for everything I do.

Well, after such a preamble, let's see what kind of content these pages have to offer... Of course, as any self-esteemed Solaris-related Web site, I've got here:

Archives of software precompiled for versions 2.5/2.5.1, 2.6, 7 and 8 of Solaris/x86. Sure, they are not that rich as e.g. those you can find at various SunSite's or other professionally managed software collections. But they have something that other sites don't 'cause I do all ports/recompilations for Solaris/x86 by myself, so it can easily happen that I picked up and decided (for some strange reason ;-) to build a product that nobody else cared yet to build for this environment.

Some information about usage of Solaris/x86 on laptops. To be more precise, this set of pages presents my personal experience of installation and deployment of Solaris/x86 2.6 and 7 on Toshiba Tecra model 550CDT, as well as a number of links to various Web resources having something to do with running Solaris/x86 on portable computers.

The whole bunch of links to the multitude of Solaris/x86 resources on the Net.

One of my initial thoughts was to put here a description of my desktop systems at work and home that successfully run Solaris/x86, but they, although not being totally ancient [34]86 boxes, nevertheless are increasingly becoming outdated (you know, motherboards, chipsets, peripherals, almost everything), so it probably won't be too interesting for people trying newer and differently architectured systems. Still if demand is going to be high enough, I'll add appropriate pages - just email me if you'd like to see them.

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