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   Youri's Resume


139 72 St, Brooklyn NY 11209


To obtain a position of a senior UNIX systems administrator for advanced, complex, heterogeneous network environment centered around Web oriented and/or database services.


Full cycle UNIX (Sun Solaris, BSD and Linux) systems administration in development and production environments (15 yrs experience), including:

Configuration, maintenance and support for Web/Internet services centered environments;
Configuration, maintenance and support for database centered environments;
Operating system installation and configuration (servers and desktops/workstations);
Software and hardware upgrades, patches installation;
System management tasks automation (scripting in shells and Perl);
OS and application resources planning, monitoring and management;
Backups planning and implementation;
High reliability and recoverability planning and implementation;
Network services (including packet filtering firewalls) setup, configuration and troubleshooting;
Relational database environments (Oracle, PostgreSQL) support;
Application development/deployment and end users support;
Web oriented products and services installation, configuration, management and support;
Graphical environment components (X Window System, CDE, GNOME) configuration;
System services troubleshooting and performance tuning.

Strong Points:

Strong analytical, problem solving and troubleshooting skills;
Deep knowledge of Solaris (both on SPARC and Intel platforms) and FreeBSD;
Advanced shell (sh, ksh and bash) and Perl scripting, good C programming skills;
Solid background in networking (services and protocols);
Advanced knowledge of Web related technologies and services (HTTP, CGI, SMTP, POP3/IMAP, DNS);
Strong documentation and communication skills.

OS Platforms and Products:

Sun Solaris (SPARC and Intel platforms) 2.5 through 9 - 6 yrs exp.;
FreeBSD 3.3 through 4.8 on Intel platform – 4 yrs exp.;
OpenBSD 2.7 through 3.2 on Intel platform – 3 yrs exp.;
Linux (mostly RedHat, 5.0 through 8.0) on Intel platform – 3 yrs exp.;
SCO UNIX 3.2.x / OpenServer 4.3.x through 5.0.4 - 9 yrs exp. (not current);
Solaris Disksuite (SDS) / Volume Manager (SVM) 4.0 through 4.2.1 - 5 yrs exp.;
Sun Jumpstart and Flash Archive technologies;
CDE 1.0 through 1.5 - 6 yrs exp.;
GNOME 1.4 through 2.2.1 – 3 yrs exp.;
Advanced storage management (NAS, RAIDs) – 5 yrs exp.

Also, some familiarity with: SunOS 4.1.x; SGI IRIX (6.3 on SGI O2); IBM AIX (4.1.3 on PPC); SCO UnixWare 2.1.x and 7.x; Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 and XP; Legato Networker (5.5.x).

Network Protocols, Services and Products:

NFS v2 and v3;
SNMP v1, v2 and v3: ucd-snmp/net-snmp up to 5.0.x;
DNS: BIND up to 9.2.2;
HTTP: Apache up to 1.3.27;
LDAP: OpenLDAP up to 2.1.16;
SMTP: sendmail up to 8.12.9;
POP3 and IMAP: UW IMAP up to version 2002;
SSH v1 and v2: OpenSSH up to 3.6;
system/network monitoring tools: Big Brother, Cricket;
packet filtering, proxies and firewalls (IP_Filter, iptables, tcp_wrappers, SOCKS);
IDS (intrusion detection systems): Snort, Tripwire;
telnet, ftp, tftp, rsh/rexec, ntp, etc.;
SNA APPC/LU6.2 for UNIX: Cleo LINKix/3270 and LINKix/3770 up to 4.1.3;
SNA LUA/LU0 for UNIX: Firesign Outbound 3.x.x.

Also, some familiarity with: NNTP and news servers; Netscape (iPlanet) HTTP server; Cisco Catalyst routers; Cisco PIX firewall; IP/UDP/TCP protocol internals.

Relational Database Systems:

Oracle Enterprise Server, versions 7 and 8 (up to 8.1.7) – 5 yrs exp.;
Pro*C, SQL*Forms, SQL*Reports, SQL*DBA, Server Manager, etc. - 5 yrs exp.;
PostgreSQL, version 7.x (up to 7.3.2) – 2 yrs exp.;
Ingres, version 6.x – 3 yrs exp. (not current).

Also, some familiarity with MySQL (versions 3.22.x, 3.23.x).

Development Environments and Tools:

C - 10+ yrs exp.;
UNIX shells (ksh, sh, csh, bash) - 10+ yrs exp.;
regular expressions based tools (sed, awk, etc.) - 10+ yrs exp.;
Perl (up to 5.6.0) - 8 yrs exp.;
CGI programming - 3 yrs exp.;
HTML (versions 3 and 4) - 4 yrs exp.;
SQL - 10 yrs exp.;
SCCS, RCS and CVS – 10+ yrs exp.

Also, some familiarity with: PHP; Python; Tcl/Tk/expect; Java; Javascript; Sun Workshop and Sun ONE Studio C/C++/Java suites.


6 years experience in UNIX systems administration and applications development and support for Back Office systems in the brokerage industry.

4 years experience in UNIX systems administration, infrastructure building; system level software development; development, management and support of Web application environments; customers support in the Internet services (ISP) and Web hosting services industry.

Experience (in the U.S.):

1999 – present
Logicworks (former Digital Telemedia, Inc.), NY – Senior NOC Engineer

Main projects:

Designed, implemented and developed DTI Stats Server providing customers' access to the “live” monitoring and statistical data for the hosted dedicated servers; platform: Linux (RH);

Designed, implemented and supported corporate internal and public mail servers in a “clustered” configuration including separate mail relay, mail access, account management and NAS servers; platforms: Sun Solaris SPARC and Intel, FreeBSD;

Designed, implemented and managed corporate internal and public domain name servers (2,000+ customer domains); platforms: FreeBSD, Linux (RH);

Designed and implemented part of the corporate HSM based backup system: the 1st tier backup system providing backups of the corporate and customer data to specialized backup servers (disk-based backup); platforms: Sun Solaris/Intel, Linux (RH);

Designed and implemented a SNMP based system for monitoring and reporting network bandwidth utilization on per customer (per hosted server) basis; platform: OpenBSD;

Developed UNIX based services as part of the corporate infrastructure, implemented many automation tools for monitoring UNIX based services (mail, DNS, network connectivity, OS performance, statistical data collection, reporting, etc.), provided support for customer (hosted) servers installation, configuration and troubleshooting (Sun Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD).

1993 - 1999
Davidsohn and Son, Inc., NY – Senior Systems Administrator

Main projects:

Designed and implemented the corporate network (intranet) and company's Internet connectivity including firewall, e-mail, WWW, FTP and local DNS services;

Provided system level support and participated in application development for project AutoCage (Back Office clearance system) for Nomura Securities International;

Provided system level support and participated in application development for projects AutoCage and AutoBank for Cantor Fitzgerald and Morgan Stanley;

Designed, implemented and supported development and production environments and wrote OS dependent components for project New York Window (physical securities clearance system) for DTCC (formerly NSCC);

Designed and implemented project Affirmation System for Worldco;

Designed and implemented File Relay Services (highly reliable scheduled and monitored two way files exchange) for clearance system clients.


1973 - 1978
Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of the State University of Kharkov, Ukraine; Master's degree in Mathematics.


Brainbench Master Certification in Linux Administration (General). Certificate # 4493458 (http://www.brainbench.com/transcript.jsp?pid=4493458).

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