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   [ My Picture ] Hello! It's so nice to meet you here at my place!

My name is Youri, and this is my Web site: it's wholly and exclusively owned, hosted, developed and visited (just kiddin' :) by me. Because of that, you're guaranteed not to suffer from any silly advertisements and, therefore, all those blinking, jumping, singing, squeaking and annoying people in a gazillion of other ways attributes of so many sites on today's Web! Now that you've gotten to this point, sit back, relax and feel free to look around, chances are you'll be able to find something interesting for yourself.

This Web site is intended mostly for my friends and the community of users of Sun Solaris/x86 operating system, so the collection of pages has some rather distinct orientation, but of course anyone is welcome!

What I've got here is a bit of personal information, some stuff related to Solaris/x86 and MIDI files.

Please be advised that some links on this site lead to foreign pages encoded in Cyrillic (KOI8-R standard), and that using a higher color resolution than PseudoColor (256 colors palette) in your browser is strongly recommended but, of course, in no way required.

Also, I'd like to apologize in advance for my English: it's not my first (and not even second) language, so please don't be too demanding ... TIA

Now, go ahead without fear, and have a nice trip!

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